Thursday, May 8, 2008

Late first post

It is a bit late to start the blogging during the next-last day of the conference but my slow mind could not come up with the idea for the blog until this very moment.

The theme for this year's (my first btw) JavaOne conference is JAVA+YOU. I believe the theme is a good way to bring Java from the tech-savvy geeks that we programmers are, to the normal people in the world.

This is also from where I stole the title for the blog. It will not only be about Java but about me as well. Hopefully someone will find it interesting but if not, I will at least have a place to write down my thoughts on Java-development, shorter stories from my life, and if you're lucky: my secret recipes on chocolate cake.

I will soon post a small report from a few of the technical sessions and BOF's I attended during the week. Stay tuned.

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